Instrument Lessons

Olivia: Sat. Nov. 7, 5pm

Fish Fry @ Horan Park
Titanium:  1:45pm

Damien Rice
Nov. 9, 8:00pm

Student Concert

Santa Parade / Next Big Thing
Dec. 5

Christmas Show @ Hideaway
Orion (Dakota's Band)
Dec. 29
NoiseMakers, Inc.
5511 Central Avenue,
St. Petersburg, FL 33707
Thank you to all our Rock
Campers, Counselors, and guest
musicians who helped out this
summer!  Vance Joy!
David Cook, Musical Director /
Keyboardist for Taylor Swift
Music is a discipline, and a mistress of
order and good manners, she makes
the people milder and gentler, more
moral and more reasonable.         
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Songwriters got to meet and see
the very talented, Lisa Loeb.
Purity Ring sang a song for Cassidy
and Abigail at The Ritz!  
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